Week 17HJ – Master Key – ENTHUSIASM


Not sure how to begin this week!! I am experiencing many changes and feelings within myself. The Law of Growth is beginning to manifest within myself and my thoughts are being channeled in different pathways than I thought I would take. My DMP remains the same but there are personal things that I have been concerned about that I feel I am being led to a definite conclusion. I’ve needed to make a personal decision that affects my finances.  My heart tells me a certain thing but there are some in my life that feel I should go a different direction. With that being said, I feel I am being led to a final decision.  I previously met with an advisor to gather information to make a more informative decision.  Explore my options.  Later, I felt I should ask a few more questions and I wrote his name down on my weekly list of things to get done – Call Luke.  That very day I was driving and his name appeared on the license plate of the truck in front of me. In all my years, I’ve never had this happen!! When I arrived home, I received a call from my friend that I’ve been working with. She had more information also.  I now have more information leading me in a direction of a final decision.  Although this is still ongoing, I feel I am headed in a correct direction. What I need to do now is put a date by this concern so that it will be final. Cause and effect are as absolute and undeviating in the hidden realm of thought as in the world of material things.

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 1.39.29 PM.pngMy 5 year old granddaughter was telling me of an experience and I wasn’t connecting with the experience.  Her reply was, “Grandma, think, think, it’s in your mind!”  Out of the mouth of babes comes TRUTH!!  A couple of days later, she had a test at school.  She said she was nervous and I repeated to her, “Havyn, think, think, it’s in your mind!”  You’ll do good.  You know what’s on the test.  Her comment was, “but it’s a timed test, I won’t have time to think!”  I assured her she had time to think but not spend too much time on the question and then move on.  Great lesson for me.  Timing is everything.  Knowledge doesn’t apply itself but there are times we can keep gathering knowledge and not realize that “timing is everything.” Havyn did well on her test and was very happy!

The Law of Practice is to hold in my mind the condition desired; affirm it as an already existing fact with powerful affirmations.  This has been happening in my business.  A more positive,  confident direction in my actions to achieve in my business than I have felt before.  I am not hesitating or procrastinating the things I knew I needed to do.  I’m just getting them done!!  Even contacts that I have put off for months, I have achieved. It’s become exciting as I check off my achievements. By practicing the Law of Practice and holding in my mind positive affirmations  unexpected results are being manifested. I even posted a post on fb that to be honest previously would have been out of my comfort zone, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable.  The results have been very positive. I’m learning to be myself, removing more of the cement!! My feelings matter!! As a child I was taught “NO” for everything so I always felt I didn’t deserve what I wanted. I learned to not expect and buried my feelings.  It’s such a good feeling to feel with enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm was my make over word this week and yes, I felt enthusiasm!!  I felt enthusiasm watching dogs in the clouds with my grandchildren.  I felt enthusiasm when I saw the name “Luke” on the license plate!  I felt enthusiasm when my business decisions were all positive results!!  I felt enthusiasm helping my friend that had been ill for months and I helped her adjust her health products and now she has results!  She said I deserve another set of “Angel Wings!”    I felt enthusiasm when my cousin was able to walk a mile pushing her grandchildren in their stroller and she’d been in bed with a swollen leg that doctors had no answers for!  She is going to the gym now 5 times a week and lost seven pounds in a week!  Enthusiasm for what I do, helping others find their true health and live with better quality of life!  Identify, Magnify and Multiply my friends results to experience the POWER that I am feeling. Positive thought, Powerful affirmations, driving out the negative MANIFEST amazing RESULTS. CONFIRMATIONS IN MY SCRIPTURES CONFIRMING ALL MASTER KEY PRINCIPLES.  Truth is Truth.  Doing my Mind exercises is driving home my belief in myself to achieve my DMP and I’m realizing there is no logical end to the riffle effect of learning to become a better operator of the mechanism.  I’m getting clear mental pictures by creating my day and my confidence in the Gal in the Glass is Powering up!! Here’s to Divine Guidance and Divine interference to accomplish the purposes which God himself outlines. I do not take this influence in human affairs lightly and appreciate the direction and guidance of God in my affairs. I know God manifest the truth to me as I allow my light to shine from “within.”  I am grateful for “His” love and that I can pass that same love to others. My new blueprint is emerging!! PecorelliPower finding more Truth and Light to help myself and others.


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