Week 20 – Master Key – I always keep my promises!

This week has been extremely busy as my Mother has had a lot of needs and ended up in the hospital.  I’ve taken my Master Key to the hospital with me but the distractions of events going on has certainly distracted me this week.  To add to the distractions, it was Valentine Day. th-3.jpeg As I prepared some special treats to take to my neighbors and family, I realized I was doing kindness for others and a good deed. It was a good feeling and I so enjoyed running Valentine treats to my neighbors.  In the mist of this, my Mother became ill and I had to call the ambulance and she was taken to the hospital.  Mark asked how we can use the negative feelings as a tool?  The fear of what was happening to my Mother motivated me to immediately get help. Call 911! I thought about how fear motivated me for good. I remembered what Mark asked us to do.  I’m grateful for that fear that motivated for good because as I reacted quickly, I do not need to experience the other negative feeling – guilt.  In my younger years, I carried guilt for even things, I had no control over.  It took me years to learn that I wasn’t responsible for other’s choices so there was no reason for me to feel guilt. I had a very Spiritual experience recognizing guilt and I realized the Savior took upon himself guilt that I do not need to, especially for others. It’s that atonement or at-one-ment! For myself, guilt can again motivate me for good. My father had a saying, “Now you’ve gone and hurt your own feelings!”  Think about that statement, if we have hurt feelings, we’ve hurt our own feelings as we have the choice of how to respond.  It’s all about our thoughts, and choices.  We can attach any feeling to a thought.  So if we attach a happy feeling to what could be a hurt feeling, it changes the outcome.  Example:  If you walked up to a group of people and they immediately stopped talking.  You could think they were talking about you or you could make the choice to believe they were planning a surprise for you!  Either way, we are in charge of what feeling we attach to our thoughts. We have learned that in the last few months. Then thinking about the unworthiness, if we keep our promises to ourselves, we become worthy of our own integrity.  I always keep my promises.  Interesting, I was reading my scriptures and they point out the Lord always keeps His promises.  The Master Key certainly helps me to be a better observer.  I have noticed, things stand out to me that I’ve read many times before, but now, there is a greater, deeper sense of observation to many things. It is interesting how we think we understand something, but when it is pointed out, the understanding becomes knowledge. Creative thought, inspiration, creative power of thought, secrets to the wonderful power of concentration to hear through my Spirit to receive light and inspiration for every problem I am trying to solve. Create the perfect plan for the perfect effect. What my attention is on will become my intention. Do careful planning, Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 11.41.37 PM.pngwrite in detail, every detail, schedule and always keep my promises to myself.  When I keep my promises to myself, there is no room for unworthiness. 

PecorelliPower on to more adventures of discovery even during the midst of extra care for my Mother.  I have the tools to dismember fear with confidence. PecorelliPower finding the creative power of thought to govern all my actions. In the chaotic week, I have been concentrating my thoughts on my business and throughout the week, my business has grown.  I have received calls instead of me making the calls and today I was asked to help another advance her business tomorrow. PecorelliPower concentrating on more business thoughts. PecorelliPower catching up on my week!  PecorelliPower recognizing God’s hand in my life!


6 thoughts on “Week 20 – Master Key – I always keep my promises!

  1. I hope your mother stages a full recovery, and I empthize that the issue came up. It is great that you are turning negative thoughts to good, and that business is prospering. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Lou Ann am glad to read your Mother is out of the hospital and that you were able to turn a negative into a positive and keep on doing the program. I am posting this to Facebook for you. See you next week!

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  3. Glad your mom is doing better. It’s a special kind of stress when our parents aren’t doing well physically–hang in there and don’t forget to throw in some self-care! Thank you for sharing what your dad told you about ‘hurting your own feelings’–that one really hit home!

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