Week 21 – Master Key – Miracles

I missed the webinar last Sunday as I was at the hospital with my Mother. Prior to my Mother being in the hospital, I had been thinking about the many miracles I have experienced in my life.  For Christmas, my neighbor gave me a journal and on the cover it says, “Escape The Ordinary.”  My life has never been ordinary!  Thinking about this journal, I decided it would be my miracle journal and I began listing all the events, etc. that I felt are miracles. I looked for the webinar on Monday and couldn’t locate it so when I finally located it as I listened to the webinar, it was about miracles. That alone was a miracle as the week before I was thinking about miracles.  It never ceases to amaze me at how the Master Key program is right there in my life with what is going on in my thoughts or/and physical world! 

My niece visited my Mother and as she was sleeping, my niece  related an incident in her life that totally changed her thoughts.  She had been married to wealthy older controlling man that through his actions contributed to her lack of self worth. To say her life was miserable is an understatement.  In order to survive, she stated she had become a person that she wasn’t and through an unfortunate incident, she ended up in a hospital and had a mental break down.  She said she didn’t remember the three days, but what she did remember was in her mind, she could see her life flashing through her mind very fast.  When it quit and she started to remember, she felt like a total different person.  She stated, “I was changed.” I thought and felt different and now I always try to think positive thoughts.  Yes, I catch myself sometimes with negative things coming out of my mouth, then I correct it. We had a conversation about what I’d been learning through the Master Key program. This is the amazing part.  She stated she was told the mind can reset itself! She believes this is what happened and why she feels like a different person. Through the Master Key, we have been learning that we can reset our minds by doing the exercises, blueprint builder, assignments, sitting, mental diet, building our mental home! Her within was protecting her and though a negative experience returned her to the better person that she really was.  She was now able to create for herself the strength to reclaim the person she was.

I especially like this week not only because it was about miracles but it talks about the ability to eliminate imperfect conditions depending upon our mental action and mental action depends upon consciousness of power. The more conscious we become of our unity with the source of all power, the greater will be our power to control and master every condition.  The lesson also states that few people know how to pray.  I’ve been studying about “how” to pray.  I always pray, but I have learned, it’s a lot like setting specific goals.  We do need to be specific when we pray having faith and presenting a strong case for the blessing we seek.  As our thoughts are to be constantly focused and held for lengths of time in the consciousness, eventually it becomes impressed upon the subconscious and thus becomes a pattern which the creative energy will wave into the our lives and environment. This has been happening this week and throughout the month.  I set specific goals for my business.  I pray about these goals and even directions I have not thought about have been manifesting. Last month what I saw as a negative in my business has turned this month into a very positive miraculous month and the month still has a week left. Due to this miraculous abundance, I am aspiring to the highest possible attainment!

During this miraculous month, I received a call to come meet a man that has Alzheimer’s, was told he needed hip surgery and has struggled with prostate cancer. Last March, I met him for the first time. He hardly spoke. This week as I walked into his home, he had a huge smile on his face, was standing without his cane, no pain and asked me to sit and visit with him.  He said he was sleeping better as his neuropathy was gone and it was all my fault!! He also told me the black spot in his eye was gone. He said he didn’t need to return to the doctor and was going to save his $50 copay!!  In just two weeks, this miracle happened for him at 87 years old.  We had the best visit.  I love helping people have a better quality of life.  His wife shares in his miracle.  She has had her own. Happy couple! The man that started this chain of events also threw away his cane and cancelled his electric wheelchair.

PecorelliPower witnessing miracles not only this month but throughout my life. Definitely the miracles around us show how to“Escape the Ordinary” and have courage to leave our comfort zone. Be true to our compass!


I live this day as if it is my last and if it is not, I shall fall to my knees and give thanks.th-6.jpeg


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