Week 22 – Master Key – Seeds

Thoughts are spiritual seeds, which, when planted in the subconscious mind, have a tendency to sprout and grow, but unfortunately the fruit is frequently not to our liking. This very first sentence made a huge impact on me as I read it.  It’s interesting how the Master Key Experience keeps validating things I learned previously and continually adds more depth. I gave a talk in church recently and there was an example about a plow creating furrows in the earth so the seeds could be planted.  As I read about the plow,steel plow.jpg I had the thought, “We love deeply like the plow creating furrows in the earth but the plow is digging deep furrows into our hearts to accept the seed and the seeds of life’s experiences serving others begins to swell in our hearts and bear fruits that shall remain. That love may be for others or love for ourselves as the more we love we give, the more love we receive and then we apply the knowledge. We can make our future what we desire it to be. We have the ability to change past methods of thinking and change our outcome, not only our thoughts but our physical well being. I have mentioned the book “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” before.  The book also links certain diseases to negative feelings and supporting that when thoughts contain disease germs, the harvest will be sickness, decay, weakness and failure.  We create, plant the seeds and they germinate. The harvest will result, depending on which seed we plant.  The good or the bad seed. The good news is we have a choice and through the law of vibration we can exercise control over the body.  Some feelings of fear, etc. can even go back as far as conception and childbirth. It’s that old blueprint that is so strong. Think about the birthing process.  The semi-drugged, over-stressed and exhausted infant is, of course, generally unable to get his breath, even if given ample time to do so. The many new unused coordinates of muscles are confused and malfunctioning.  The body is reacting only. Maybe forceps and suction machines are used to claw or suck the infant out of the mother’s body.  The body may fear lack of oxygen, deprivation and when finally sucked or clawed out of the mother, the entry is noisy, brilliantly lit with masked creatures and humming machines, fluorescent lights, etc.  It’s no wonder we feel fear throughout our lives.  Some may argue the baby IMG_1714.jpgdoesn’t have feelings. What about being separated from its Source, and then its mother. There is so much depth to life and thoughts and feelings when we start to think, really think of the processes we put our bodies through.  Our bodies may start to be damaged right at birth.  Birth may be trauma. This is why it’s important to be held next to the mother’s heart—the pulse/beat that is so familiar.  Feel the LOVE. th-3.jpeg That LOVE that changes and charges us.  Our natural drive is to return to the place of comfort and peace.  Our comfort zone.  I am natures greatest miracle. 

Feelings and thoughts have a definite energy and our blueprint requires balance and harmony if it is to function correctly.  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. What about focus?  What we focus on we create.  The influence or control over our mind is coming to be more generally understood. This week and throughout the month of February, I had some big goals.  If I’m going to focus on goals, they might as well be big!!  I focused and controlled my mind on my goals and great results happened.  My goal was high and I was some short of my reach, but I more than doubled my results.  I prayed with definite goals in mind being very specific pleading my case before the Lord.  February 28, I even received a call I’d been working on and honestly gave up on as it began last September and then February 28, the call came to me and was very beneficial.  It’s amazing what focus, vibration, concentration, and etc. of mind can accomplish.  I also knew I was running on faith the last two days of the month.  Opportunity follows perception, action follows inspiration, growth follows knowledge, eminence flows progress.  Always the spiritual first, then the transformation into the infinite and illimitable possibilities of achievement. I know my Spirit knows all things and I’m learning to tap into my Spirit more often. The nature of the gifts of the spirit themselves appear to be virtually unlimited and these gifts of the spirit grow out of specific needs.  Definitely I gave thanks and am grateful for what I learned this month as well as all gratitude goes to God as He deserves all the praise! PecorelliPower growing more seeds!


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