My week started out so intense with focus, persistence and concentration.  The vibrations of mental forces are the finest and consequently the most powerful in existence.  To those who perceive the nature and transcendency of mental force, all physical power sinks into insignificance.  This was so AWESOME at the beginning of the week!!  I was experiencing continuous concentration and unbroken flow of thought and “persistence” in my makeover. The quality I chose was “persistence” and I was even seeing the word “persistence” in everything I was studying. I received thoughts from “within” that were answers to questions I’d been searching for, for months.  Seemed as if everything was flowing together as one whole!  I was doubting nothing, asking, seeking and finding. I wish I could write everything I was told but I know it was just for me. Just know it was a “miracle.” Inspirational WORDS, PHRASES and even an inspirational movie my Mother was watching were appearing everywhere! A conversation with my five year old granddaughter on her way to school was so profound!  She was relating an incident to me and I stated I didn’t remember.  Her response was, “ Think, Grandma, Think, it’s in your mind!” I was receiving guidance and inspiration every morning and throughout my days staying focused with concentrated thoughts.  I wrote my feelings on 3×5 cards so I would remember all the thoughts and answers I was experiencing.  An affirmation came to me that I had not thought about ON MY OWN and the affirmation put everything into perspective. Then it happened.  Wednesday came and my focus was off.  I started having a hard time with everything going on in my life to keep practicing what I’d been feeling from Sunday to Wednesday.  The “Hurry Syndrome” crept in.  Now if you haven’t heard about the “Hurry Syndrome”, it’s the opposite of everything we’ve been learning!! My clear-thinking was confused and frustrated instead of harmonious and the joy that I’d been feeling.  I had to slow down, “sit” and listen to the Gift God has given to me and bring peace and harmony back into myself.  Even at that, I haven’t been able to get back in that WHOLE flow I was feeling at the beginning of the week.  Many obstacles started happening.  Opposition to take me away from my path of my “Hero’s Journey?”  I was on a definite path.

Every obstacle conquered, every victory gained, will give you more faith in your power, and you will have greater ability to win. picture-of-cat-looking-in-mirror-and-sees-a-lion.jpgYour strength is determined by your mental attitude; if this attitude is one of success and is permanently held with a unswerving purpose, you will attract to you from the invisible domain the things you silently demand. My weaknesses appeared on Wednesday for continued mental attainment; attribute my weakness to physical limitations and there were definite physical limitations.  So much to do that I was being distracted from my concentration that my physical frustrations began to affect my mental uncertainties, but I can try again and I definitely will!! Ease and perfection are gained by repetition and I will repeat Sunday to Wednesday again and I know I will eventually obtain Sunday to Sunday. My desire and the concentration I felt from Sunday to Wednesday is worth trying again.  It FELT like “heaven”. The Spirit of initiative and originality is developed through “persistence” and continuity of my mental process.  My mental process was running even through the night while I slept. I am grateful I could see so clearly from Sunday to Wednesday. Miracles are happening everyday!  I will go back and read the notes I made that were truly inspiration and I will keep working on concentration and the intuition that is solving my problems of concern. Intuition usually comes in the “Silence” and the “Hurry Syndrome”  is noisy and definitely was the distraction.  I will persist and HOLD concentration and KEEP working on the invincible POWER which is necessary for my achievement. I have FAITH in the POWER I felt and because of that POWER I also have more FAITH. PecorelliPower to move forward for more Power!!


Week 16 – Master Key – Create


This has been an interesting week.  I was fairly confined this week but I still found that throughout my day, many kindness were shown.  Taking care of my Mother daily brings opportunities to be kind.  Tending my three and five year old granddaughters brings many tender kindness moments.  Children are so observant and kind.  Mia, my three year old granddaughter rubbed lotion on my Mother’s feet as they were dry.  Havyn, my five year old brought her some bread she loved from lunch as she wanted Great-grandma to taste it.  She knew she’d love it like she did.  I think the important learning from the kindness makeover week is being observant of all the kindnesses that happen each day.  My Mother even cleared her own dishes from the table. Drawing attention to an positive attribute is a focus that can be a distraction from negative attributes.  What we focus on becomes part of us!

Also had an interesting experience today meeting with my friend who is a real estate agent.  She proceeded to tell me of experiences with the Master Creator how the power to create depended entirely upon spiritual power. In searching for a home, exact situations, and demands needed were expressed; seemingly impossible and each expression was manifested for the sale of a home. The expressions were very direct, specific and time sensitive.  Does this sound familiar? To think is to create a thought, but the result of the thought will depend upon its form, it quality and it vitality. And finally, the vitality depends upon the feeling with which the thought is impregnated. If the thought is constructive, it will possess vitality; it will have life, it will grow, develop, expand, it will be creative; it will attract to itself everything necessary for its complete development. Every demand that seemed impossible was met and timing was crucial.  The person purchasing the home didn’t even live in the U.S. and only visited two weeks out of the year.

In my visualization, be it limited, more than once I have seen a distinct eye. th.jpeg I believe this eye is an “eye of faith.” Being allowed to see clearly what we can accomplish with God’s help is a form of a vision.  Seeing things in our mind’s eye is seeing with the “eye of faith.” We can rehearse things in our minds. The mind is capable of rehearsing anything we are trying to accomplish and the whole process can be facilitated if we learn to devote certain periods of time each day to meditation.  The Master Key has been teaching us these principles with our regular readings, cards, visualization, idealization and eventually, like my friend, manifestation. Mark made a comment about the “single eye.” Single minded, focus, positive thoughts.  I’ve decided I need to do more to accomplish my desires.  More effort on my part! I read in another book, learning to think positively about something over a long period of time may be difficult because we must formulate new habits and new habits are not easily formed and I’ve been experiencing this.  My old blue print can easily return. If I want to bring about the realization of my desires, I need to form that mental picture of success in my mind and learn to consciously visualize my desire so I compile my success.  For this reason, I know I must do more!! Visualization is a form of imagination.  I must create impressions in my mind so the impressions will form concepts and ideals so the Master architect will weave my future. I must not alter my thoughts so the material conditions of my life will be transformed.  My thoughts dictate my circumstances because thoughts govern habits and habits dictate circumstances. I  will discipline myself more as each one of us is the architect of our own fate; and he or she is unfortunate who will try to build himself without the inspiration of God without realizing that we grow from within, not from without.

I have realized looking at my goals, that I need to be more clear stating what I want and how to obtain my desires so my life’s future direction will have deeper meaning and train my mind to focus more vitally on my desires. PecorelliPower working on a deeper make over! More concentration. More thought. More Power to Visualize and Create!

Week 15 – Master Key -Decisions and Thoughts


Happy New Year!! For my New Year makeover, I knew my number one was “decisiveness.”  No questions about it!!  I’m a blue and have a hard time deciding on my wardrobe.  When my husband would go shopping with me and I’d take in about 20 outfits, the store clerk would ask him if he was nervous about how many I’d purchase?  He always said he wasn’t worried at all as I’d probably find 1 item if I was lucky or probably they’d all go back on the rack and no purchase!  He was usually right as he patiently waited for me to try on each item and model for him. If he really liked the item, I’d usually purchase the one he liked. I actually purchased a pair of shoes today, but I do have to admit, shoes are an easier decision for me than a wardrobe item!! I am proud of myself this week as I have actually made decisions!! Keeping track, I’ve been amazed of how many little decisions I actually do make. I could always make decisions for my work, but for myself is where the problem has been.

For my exercise this week concentrating on Insight, I realized for a particular situation that I’ve been concerned about for a few years, that I didn’t have enough information to make a decision. So I made an appointment (a decision) to gain information to have better insight (that human kind of telescope) to enable me to understand all possibilities so I can make a decision. The decision still isn’t made as more information is needed. The statement that “knowledge doesn’t apply itself” has been enlightening in more than one direction. First of all, if I have enough knowledge, which I do for my business, the knowledge I have won’t apply itself but with that knowledge, I do know the direction and can take ACTION to apply the knowledge into operation! I have a good memory and remember my work information to help others.  My behavior (custom) needs to be what I do habitually or the habits I am developing need to become especially habitually. A habit engrained so deeply that I never give up! A real habit, driven with passion that I embrace, (my DMP), hold tightly with all my heart! When I have the passion behind the habit, it becomes a real true habit that becomes part of me and the application is easy. When build on a principle, it is truth and is comfortable with my system of belief and behavior. So how do I develop these habits?  First, I must love myself as the Law of Attraction (LOVE) th-3.jpegis the principle by which thought manifests itself in form. I must entertain desirable thoughts only so I grow in the law of love and the law of attraction. I am learning to talk positively to myself (mental diet) all day long.

New Year’s Eve, our family played a game and the game had “abundance” involved.  This is my “one word” for the year 2019 and as this game was playing out, I was thinking “abundance” over and over in my mind.  Others were thinking words related to the game hoping for the outcome of the “abundance.” Guess who won?  Yes, Me and it was “abundance.” Words are so important as well as the real meaning of the word.  Listening to Mark talk about the Tower of Babel, reminds me of some conversations I hear. Expressions of words that are inappropriately used, especially some teenagers expressing their approval and happiness by negative  words that do not express what they are truly feeling!!  Often times abbreviations that can have more than one meaning are used in various conversations.  It’s no wonder communication or the lack of can be problematic with others and even within ourselves if we do not choose words carefully.

To finish the “abundance” story.  The “abundance” I won from the game was $63.00. A few months ago my watch broke.  I thought, it’s ok, I’ll live by the compass!! th-2.jpeg I’ve used my phone to check time for appointments, etc.  Been rather inconvenient so I thought with my “abundance” I’d look for a new watch.  I found a watch I liked.  It was $110 but I was told if I returned the next day to purchase there was a $20 coupon that would be applied.  The watch would then be $90.  As I don’t live far from the store I decided to take advantage of the $20 coupon.  When I returned today, I was told it only could be applied if I had been there before 2 p.m. and it was after that time. I expressed that I didn’t know about the time.  I must have missed hearing that information.  The sales person said, I’ll give it to you anyway.  She was the person that helped me yesterday.  I thanked her.  She rang up the watch and the watch rang up on sale and I paid $58.00 without the coupon!! ABUNDANCE in my thoughts constantly is manifesting in so many ways.  I am grateful I am learning to create in my thoughts.  I’m grateful for the ABUNDANCE to pay this forward. Mark made a comment, what we focus on is what we attract.  I’m finding this to be true.  PecorelliPower learning the power of creating thoughts and the power of my thoughts consists in its vitality. How strong are your thoughts? Love the beginning of 2019

Week 14 – Master Key – Practice

Mind is creative and the principle upon which this law is based is sound and legitimate and is inherent in the nature of things; but this creative power does not originate in the individual, but in the Universal, which is the source and fountain of all energy and substance. The individual is simply the channel for the distribution of this energy.  The individual is the means by which the Universal produces the various combinations which result in the formation of phenomena.

Fountain of all energy!! Mind is creative. All thoughts are Spiritual and I truly believe our Spirit knows all things. It’s us that needs to listen to our Spirit, our subconscious. Thinking about phenomena. A fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question.  A remarkable person, thing or event or the object of a person’s perception; what the senses or the mind notices.

In the show “Rudy,” a remarkable person! He knew his DMP from the time he was young.  How many of us have know our DMP from the time we were young? Those that make a situation happen because they know their “compass?” th-2.jpeg Are they in tune with their inner self?  Did Rudy feel like quitting?  Yes, he did, but he learned from one that did quit and regretted that he quit.  Do you ever feel like quitting? What are you willing to do, to do your best or go beyond what you think is your best? When the team for Notre Dame went on the field, they each touch a sign that said “Play like a Champion.”  Does this remind you of linking and connecting?  Touch, feel with enthusiasm!!  I loved the comment about, you only have to prove it to yourself, no one else!!  It’s like the “gal in the glass.” th-4.jpegWhat have you been waiting for your whole life?  Rudy waited to play football for Notre Dame his whole life.  He was persistent with his dreams even when everyone else was telling him dreamers are not doers. He was a dreamer and a doer! He wasn’t the size of a football player but he had a heart the coach wished all his players had.  He had desire, deep, deep burning desire to accomplish his dream. For the most part he had a positive attitude.  He put himself in places to succeed.

I also watched “Door to Door” and liked that Bob Porter asked for the worst route as with his disability, it should have been impossible for him to do what was required to be a door to door salesman. He turned his rejections into positive lifetime results. He achieved salesman of the year! He connected with and helped others when they couldn’t see how to help themselves  – by observing! He was persistent and patient!

Both movies showed faith, action, and work to succeed. Both at a certain point allowed themselves to get in their own way.  True for each of us.  It’s not about us and we need to get out of our own way!! Do we hold ourselves back from achieving our DMP by allowing small things to enter into our Mental Diet crashing the distribution from the fountain of positive energy?  Do we cut ourselves off from being the channel or the instrument in God’s hands?  There is mind in every atom of the body; this mind is negative mind and the power of the individual to think makes him positive so that he can control this negative mind. We can control!!  It stands to reason if we are to nourish our cells and they are living cells, intelligent cells, we should trust ourselves. The subconscious mind functions without our conscious knowledge but is responsive to the will of the conscious mind.  Must be important for our conscious mind to nourish and feed the subconscious mind properly. What can we produce by thought?  What can we erase by thought?

If it is aligned by our compass, th-2.jpegwe know the direction or if the subconscious mind being the connecting link between the Universal Mind and the conscious mind, is it not evident that the conscious mind can consciously suggest thoughts which the subconscious mind will put into action, and as the subconscious is one with the Universal, is it not evident that no limit can be placed upon its activities? For Christmas I was looking online to purchase compass necklaces for my granddaughters.  I also thought I’d order one for myself.  After being unsure of which to order and quality, I didn’t order the necklaces. Here is the interesting phenomena.  My 92 year old Mother asked my daughter to get a Christmas present for her to give to me. Neither my Mother nor my daughter, knew anything about the compass. My daughter chose a compass necklace for me – Healing Love, endless – love – unity. Were my thoughts so strong that I wanted a compass necklace that my daughter just happened to choose a compass necklace? If it’s right, it’s right and it will happen.

If it’s right, it’s right and it will happen even when I didn’t listen to my “within.”  I had the feeling and thought to call my friend and refer my nephew for some work my friend was doing.  I had the thought more than once, but I rationalized that my friend probably had it all figured out.  This was a couple of months ago that I failed to take action and be the channel or instrument in God’s hands.  A day or so ago, I found out that my friend had contacted my nephew, whom he doesn’t know for the work.  Get out of my own way!!  Listen to my intelligent, living, spiritual cells!! My thoughts must be clear cut, steady, fixed, definite, unchangeable and I need to listen and really hear! I need to stop taking steps forward then backward and stay on the path of right thinking. Like Rudy, I must not allow anything to interfere with my decision and stay disciplined keeping my whole heart th-3.jpegand mind into my DMP, PMA allowing my world without to be a reflection of my world within. Rudy concentrated every thought, every effort on playing football for Notre Dame and his whole heart was in every practice.  Here’s to PecorelliPower making Perfect Practice Persistently that I Prevent Poor Performance! I will Persist!

Week 13 – Master Key – “Ask and Ye Shall Receive”

My cards are growing!! It’s hard to only write a few Gratitude cards! Thoughts that I haven’t thought about for years flooded my mind! I really have done some amazing things and experienced many opportunities. Life is Good! Thinking and thinking about so many things this week.  The Law of Dual Thought.  Thought is a combination of ideation and feeling.  We can attach any feeling to a thought we want. Then why can’t I visualize what I want?  Is my feeling not strong enough?  I have ideas!  I have the thoughts. As I looked at my fan above my bed this morning and then closed my eyes, I could see the image of the fan, but when I try to visualize what I want, it does not appear. It is a clear thought? I have visualized an “eye”. (clear eye) Thought is a spiritual activity and is therefore creative, but make no mistake, thought will create nothing unless it is consciously, systematically and is constructively directed – constructively directed and thinking, which means practically unlimited achievement!  Constructively is a way that has or is intended to have a useful or beneficial purpose.  I do have a purpose for what I’m attempting to visualize and it’s a beneficial and survival purpose! So why?


I wondered, is it like the volcano that does the eruption manifesting the heat which is continually at work in the interior of the earth and to which the latter owes much of her configuration.  Continually at work! Is my visualization not manifesting enough heat or passion that it will be manifested in my vision? Am I missing the arrangement of elements in a particular form, figure or combination? What is missing from “within?”


For lighting to take place negative charges gather near the base of the cloud and positive charges build “within” the top of the cloud and positive and negative charges MUST separate for lightning to take place. Mental Diet?  Interesting to me that positive charges are “within the top” of the cloud.  Creative power of thought will explain every possible condition or experience, whether physical, mental or spiritual. Is my creative power of thought weak? Thought will bring about conditions in correspondence with the predominant mental attitude.  There it is again – the MENTAL ATTITUDE! By concentrated thought the required conditions will be brought about and the proper effort put forth, which will result in bringing about the circumstances necessary to realize my desires. But we cannot be happy unless we have, health, strength, congenial friends, pleasant environment, sufficient supply, not only to take care of our necessities but to provide for those comforts and luxuries to which we are entitled.  Entitled!!  How are we to make it practical in our lives?  How do I get the actual, tangible results here and now?

Put my knowledge into practice. If I persist, if I continue to try, if I continue to charge forward, I succeed! We will get what we give. I am a giving person and have given much, even lately.  Am I not giving enough? Giving is simply a mental process because thoughts are causes and conditions are effects; therefore in giving thoughts of courage, inspiration, health or help of any kind we are setting causes in motion which will bring about their effect. Give more? Is patience entering in here? Maybe what I want is not what God thinks I need? We can best conserve our interest by recognizing the Infinite Power and Infinite Wisdom of the Universal Mind and in this way become a channel whereby the Infinite can bring about the realization of our desire.  Recognition brings about realization. Is my channel not clear with the source?  Am I in kind and quality as the whole? Will my Ego mediate between my conscious and my unconscious and show me the reality?

When I was eight I memorized a scripture: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.” (St. Matthew 6:7)  This scripture has been a guide all my life. 


When I was ten I was in Girl Scouts. We were taught leather work and I made a coin purse.  When it came time to do the braid lace to put it together, I couldn’t understand how to do it.  I felt sad and stupid as everyone else in the class had their coin purse laced and my Uncle that was teaching us worked with me for over an hour after everyone else had gone home.  I remember feeling of no self-worth and that I could not do it!  That night I had a dream and in my mind I could see myself lacing my coin purse. When I arose, I immediately laced my coin purse with no effort.  It wasn’t until years later relating this story that I realized how much God loved and cared about a ten year old child and my self-worth. Thinking, less cement at ten than now!!?? 

When my husband was first told he was cancer free, we were at an Italian Restraunt and as we left the song, “Welcome To My World” by Dean Martin was playing.  “Ask and it shall be given you, Seek and ye shall find, Knock and it shall be opened unto you, Miracles happen now and then!” Yes, miracles happen Now and Then! This song periodically randomly plays on my phone when it feel like it! Pecorelli Power praying that I will be given the miracle of the ability to visualize.  I will ASK, KNOCK and SEEK!!

Week 12 – Master Key – Law of Attraction

“You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.”  Give my thoughts my entire attention and I will grasp the full significance of the vital knowledge upon which I am concentrating.  Knowledge does not apply itself; we must make the application and the application consist in fertilizing the thought with a living purpose. My mental force must be centered on my specific thoughts and hold, hold, hold and hold!!  Focus and keep my concentration clear to manifest the power of my thoughts. This is powerful!!

I have always known that in the Universe, all things were created Spiritually first so it makes sense that we have the power with our thoughts to create. As a matter of fact, we do create whether we realize it or not.  What are we creating? I believe it is a goal in life to learn to  let the Spirit (within) be in charge and not the Physical body (without)! We live in a physical world and so this becomes a challenge. Knowledge does not apply itself.  Faith without works is dead!  Likewise Works without Faith is dead!!  We must do the work.  We must have Faith in ourselves to do  – to apply – to gain knowledge – to trust!

“The principle which gives the thought the dynamic power to correlate with its object and therefore to master every adverse human experience, is the law of attraction, which is another name for LOVE. Thinking about the Law of Attraction and focus every thought to be clear and concise, my thoughts went back to when I met my husband.  Law of attraction – LOVE. There definitely was attraction and thought!!  I thought about him writing my phone number on a dollar bill! I thought about when he would call me.  I thought about when he would come to see me.  I thought about our dates.  I thought about being with him.  I thought about our laughter together! I thought about his baby blue eyes! I thought about our feelings when we were together. I thought about holding his hand and yes, even his kiss! Feeling is desire and desire is love.  My thoughts were definitely clear and focused about him. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 10.55.03 AM.png

So thinking about when I met and dated my husband has helped me to focus on my thoughts and the combination of Thought and Love which forms the irresistible force, the Law of Attraction and the creative force behind every manifestation!

Love is Eternal – Never ending!!  I thought about my relationship with my Savior.  Some years ago, I realized I did what I did out of fear of what would happen if I didn’t do what I knew I should. I have always been taught to be obedient. Then I realized, that some of my knowledge was incorrect knowledge. It’s good to be obedient, but I needed to choose to be obedient out of LOVE, not fear!!  (The power of thought has many counterfeits and the results are harmful instead of helpful.) As I knew my Savior loved me, I began feeling a deeper love for HIM and letting the fear go! Let  my light shine!IMG_9967.jpg

“Things are created in the mental or spiritual world before they appear in the outward act or event by the simple process of governing our thought forces today, we help create the events which will come into our lives in the future, perhaps even tomorrow.  Educated desire is the most potent means of bringing into action the law of attraction.” Through educated desire, love became stronger for myself. We are told to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Do we forget ourselves? If we are not loving ourselves, how effective is loving our neighbor?

My Christmas cards this year say, “Be Still and Know that I am God.”  In the Silence we will come into contact with Divinity and learn to let our “within” be in charge. It is the combination of Thought and Love which forms the irresistible force.  PecorelliPower learning a little more understanding to be the Irresistible Force! In Silence, Tranquility and Concentration, I will hear and feel the Power!

Week 11 Master Key – Cleaning

 I hope I can put into words the thoughts I had today while cleaning my garbage disposal as it became an interesting experience!  You might wonder, how can cleaning a garbage disposal be interesting?  Interesting because of the thoughts I had while cleaning.  Food that sometimes has been refrigerated too long and goes bad goes in the disposal. Sometimes good or left over food goes in the disposal similar to good thoughts put into our mind.  Turn the disposal on and instantly it is gone except for what we don’t see.  There is a guard protecting your hands from being injured at the mouth of the disposal. This guard also protects the food that molds and gets under the underside of the disposal guard that we cannot see similar to the guard or “the watchman at the gate” of the great subconscious domain guarding from mistaken impressions. The garbage disposal looks clean on the outside but it’s a mistaken impression! We can only remove the mold with Clorox and paper towel continuously wiping and cleaning away the molded food that is hidden and throw it away. As I was cleaning, my thoughts were thinking about the mental diet.  The good food we put in our thoughts and the molded food that may be surfacing from others and even ourselves can accumulate if not guarded. “I will hear not those who weep and complain, for their disease is contagious.” Just like the mold that can build up on the under side of the guard.  It becomes contagious and grows underneath the guard! The mental diet is like the Clorox removing the molded thoughts so clean pure positive thoughts can be replaced. My thoughts were that if my Mental Diet is in order, everything else will be in order also and that the Mental Diet is more important than a food diet!! So, as I went back and reread the Mental Diet, it was confirmed. “The most important of all factors in your life is the mental diet on which you live. It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life. It is the thoughts you allow yourself to think, the subjects that you allow your mind to dwell upon, which make you and your surroundings what they are.” Past thinking, like the mold, can surface, but we have the POWER to choose our life.  We have the POWER to create.  Create?  Who?  Me?  You? Our Environment?  Yes, everything will change!  We must train ourselves to choose what we are thinking always!  We must clean the mold daily, hourly, minutes, seconds.

I’m so grateful for the tools I’ve been learning through the Master Key Program.  My thoughts are even positive when cleaning the garbage disposal!!  Not that I don’t have to use the Clorox often, but I can do it!  I’m grateful for linking and connecting words when I see them that I haven’t noticed before.  I’m grateful for my grandchildren that are OBSERVERS as they teach me.  Mia, IMG_4656.jpgmy three year old granddaughter knew I had misplaced my keys with the automatic door lock remote.  I had been using a key without the door lock.  I found my keys and when we were driving, she noticed the keys with the door lock in the ignition and asked, “Grandma, where did you find your keys?”  Without the Master Key I probably wouldn’t have thought about this, but I thought about how observant children are.  After school, they like to go get a cookie. As it took me longer to help Mia put her shoes on before getting out of the car, Havyn was at the door of Kneaders to go in.  She was waiting for me and Mia.  As they were eating their cookie, a lady came over to us and thanked HavynScreen Shot 2018-12-08 at 12.38.12 AM.png for holding the door for a very elderly petite lady with a seated walker. She expressed how hard it is to help and hold the door at the same time. She appreciated Havyn, a thoughtful five year old.  As we left that day, there was another lady there.  Elegant in appearance, white hair and dressed in a black long skirt and jacket.  Havyn said to her, “You are so pretty! I love your dress!”  The lady talked to her a moment and thanked her for the compliment.  Walking out, Havyn kept telling me how much she liked her hair and her skirt, and jacket in great detail.  Children are so open.  No cement!!

Great day!  Great thoughts! To become as a little child like the child’s birth we celebrate this month and have faith of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen to guide and determine my actions that I may receive more inspiration. PecorelliPower to believe my desire has already been fulfilled and that its accomplishment will then follow!

Week 10 Master Key – POWER

I will greet this day with love and I will succeed.  As December starts, I’m going to miss this scroll.  My life has been a challenge this week and the scroll has kept me as grounded as possible.  I look on all things with love and I will make love my greatest weapon and none on whom I call can defend against its force!  Taking care of my Mother IMG_8043with Alzheimer’s has been challenging this week.  All conversations have been negative and fear based.  Makes it very hard trying to keep a positive thought process for myself.  I have to say, my week has been pretty miserable!   I finally just had to say STOP!! I welcome obstacles for they are my challenge. This is a hard obstacle. This week has been a real learning lesson as I’ve experienced how constant negativity can affect me and others around us. I resorted to my recordings and affirmations.

There were many good things happening this week also.  I was stressing over my taxes and an escalating interest rate on my line of credit.  I kept trying to focus on abundance and the Law of Giving and not the problem.  I wrote down affirmations about abundance and the more I said the affirmations, I began to hear the word abundance more often.  It is amazing that what we focus on comes to us. The abundance didn’t come to me in the manner I thought it would, but it came. The abundance was being poured into my checking account and yes, there was enough abundance to take care of my needs and then more. When a thought of anger, jealousy, fear or worry creeps in, just start your affirmation going.  The way to fight darkness is with light—the way to fight cold is with heat—the way to overcome evil is with good.  Affirm the good and the bad will vanish. This is so true.

Mark made a comment on the webinar about finding our true purpose, “I pile on so I can’t move on!”  This sentence pierced me to my core!  This is how I’ve felt this week and I thought I was going to get so much accomplished.  So this week has helped me to reflect where I started, where I am and where I am going.  Am I going to continue piling on so I can’t move on or am I going to move forward and DEMAND of myself persistence, continuous action toward my attainment and I here and NOW promise to render such ACTION!?  I also realize the dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward, physical action and gradually transform themselves into physical reality when I concentrate my thoughts upon the task of thinking of the person I intend to become seeing that clear mental picture of ME!  Matching the cards to find my true purpose was very interesting.  I was only able to be on the first webinar.  I am going to finish the recorded webinars tonight, but even with the first webinar, I feel I have found my true purpose.  I’ll see what happens when I finish the last two webinars.  What I am feeling, feels good and again, not as I thought.  Interesting how that works!!

Thoughts are causes and conditions are effects.  Herein is the explanation of the origin of both good and evil.  Thought is creative and will automatically correlate with its object.  The law of Attraction, the law of Cause and Effect determines both beginning and end; it is the law by which in all ages and in all times the people were led to believe in the power of prayer. “As thy faith is, so be it unto thee,” is simply another, shorter and better way of stating it.  The POWER of PRAYER and there it is – FAITH – POWER beyond my own – HIGHER THOUGHTS than my own – RESULTS beyond my own. To illustrate, I can think of two POWERFUL RESULTS THROUGH PRAYER. The first month of marriage my daughter lost her wedding ring at the park in the grass.  They searched until it was too dark to search. They decided to go back the next day with a metal detector, one for her type of ring.  The grass was getting ready to be mowed.  They asked if they would wait until they searched the area with the metal detector.  I wasn’t going to go to the park as I had work and I thought there were many looking, but as I said a prayer that my daughter could find her wedding ring that meant so much to her, the thought came to me that I needed to go look. Walking to the park, I asked that I could find her ringIMG_0748 for her.  Everyone had been over the area that I started looking at.  As I was sweeping my hands through the grass, the shinning diamond ring was right there. Everyone had been over that area, but there it was.  I didn’t say anything for a few minutes to be sure I really was seeing and feeling her ring. I picked it up and walked over to her placing her ring in her hand. What would have happened if I wouldn’t have gone to the park that day?

A second miracle happened when I was given a necklace by my daughter for my birthday.  The necklace is a small pair of silver Angel Wings.  She told me I had earned my Angel Wings as I’ve been staying every day, every hour with her father when he was in the hospital for chemo treatments. I wore it every day.  Sometimes we would be running late and I would have it in my hand as I went to the car and put it on in the car, except this one time, I couldn’t find it.  I thought I dropped it in my purse.  Maybe it was in the car.  I emptied my purse, every pocket.  Totally empty more than once.  Actually over and over looking for my necklace.  I went through the car.  My husband looked for me in both places also.  After three weeks, I thought I’d never see it again. Somehow it was gone!  I felt so bad.  Then I went to a class about being a Child of God and what God wants for us, etc. During an exercise, we were asked to choose a nick name.  I decided on Angel Wings.  It was an enlightening experience. The next day in church, I opened my purse.  The one I had emptied more than three times, checking every pocket, etc. and there in plain sight was my Angel Wings necklace hanging by a thread attached to the outside of an inside pocket.  Very visible!  I prayed to find that necklace and for three weeks nothing!  Today I wear it every day as it has so much meaning to me.  How did it get in my purse attached by a single thread? All I know is my thoughts were attached to that necklace and I thought about it every day, every hour.  Every success has been accomplished by persistent concentration upon the object in view!  Here’s to week 11 – I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. I feel confidence, faith and trust, there is always abundance. God’s laws are for abundance. PecorelliPower in affirmations and divine Power! Believe in the Power.

Week 9 -Master Key – Character

As I have studied this week still working on imagination, visualization and who am I really?  It’s like I’ve hit a block or is it soul searching for truth?  “Character is not a thing of chance, but it is the result of continued effort. If you are timid, vacillating, self-conscious, or if you are over-anxious or harassed by thoughts of fear or impending danger remember that is axiomatic that “two things cannot exist in the same place at the same time.”

In my soul searching, I’m feeling my old blue print.  “My conscious mind is reasoning will.  My Subconscious mind is instinctive desire, the result of past reasoning will.” Thinking about my past reasoning will as a child, I’m beginning to feel why I’m struggling with visualization. I only remember two things as a young child associated with imagination.  I imagined I could fly as I jumped from the garage to another building. I made a golf course out of soup cans, building hills and different obstacles for my golf course. This may be an obstacle as I didn’t use my imagination. Most of my childhood was being responsible for my sisters and being taught to be obedient and obey rules! I was disciplined using the guilt method!! I was taught to achieve, to do my best and do it perfectly. It was when I met my boyfriend who eventually became my husband, that I learned to laugh and have fun and to feel! I feel my own desires were definitely controlled and to some degree, not allowed. So now I’m trying to visualize my instinctive desire, and stating to my “subby” certain specific things to be accomplished and the negative thoughts enter in that it is impossible.  My logical mind!  Then looking at the Gal in the Mirror.  Starring in my eyes, I can see deep in my soul wondering who am I really? I’m happy with my character, but I feel I can be so much more! The affirmation “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy” feels good.  This affirmation has definitely helped me when I’ve been struggling this week. My visualization has been improving and I’ve decided in order to visualize effectively, the FEELINGS MUST BE STRONG. I tried to visualize the red beautiful peonies that are one of my favoritesIMG_4590.jpg in my island in my yard but I couldn’t.  When I tried to visualize the orange rose my husband loved that has grown tall over the fence and is starring in my kitchen window, I started to visualize the orange rose in my mind. IMG_8766.jpg It started out small, but each time grew more vivid and clear! (Visualization is the mechanism of the attachment which you require)  Yes, there is, definitely ATTACHMENT! Now, this orange rose didn’t start out to be my favorite rose. It was my husband’s favorite color of all our roses. Interesting, orange is used as leukemia color. My husband was diagnosed with leukemia so when that orange rose grew so tall and stands strong over my six foot fence, there is a lot of feeling and ATTACHMENT as I look at that orange rose. It’s like the rose has a spiritual connection. Even in November, there is an orange bud on the orange rose bush!! It’s very interesting that the orange roses appear at very meaningful times, sort of like it has a spiritual connection. Thought is a spiritual activity and spirit is creative, therefore the result of holding this thought in mind, must necessarily bring about conditions inharmony with the thought.  I feel these spiritual connections in many areas of my life but when I’m having thoughts about “All Substance” (wealth), my desire and my thoughts fall into the “two things that cannot exist in the same place at the same time.”  My logical mind connects in to what my desire is and the “how” is impossible.  I need to think correctly as I know all things are possible with God and cling to the truth and not allow the doubts in! I must enter into the “Secret Place of the Most High” in order to connect to my within, the within that knows all power; connecting the person in the mirror through my eyes piercing into and through my soul.  To know the Truth is to be in harmony with the Infinite. To know the truth is, therefore to connect myself with a power which is irresistible and which will sweep away every kind of discord, inharmony, doubt or error of any kind, because the “Truth is mighty and will prevail.” So, I will continue my efforts.  I have so much work to do!! Working harder to crack that cement; to visualize and find my feelings of attachment to bring about the outcome of my desires.

Here’s to PecorelliPower to entertain only the good thoughts and restart the mental diet for myself. Feed my mind with positive affirmations and thoughts. I must be kind to myself as I am of infinite worth and keep working on the Law of Growth and continued effort. On to week 10.  I will soar like an Eagle not just think I can fly!


Week 8 Master Key-Becoming

Week 8 has proven very interesting.  I listen to my two grandchildren and they have no problem with imagination! IMG_8294.jpg They can imagine and it’s amazing to see the depth they use their  imagination. Young, no cement? As I have struggled to visualize, I feel my cement and learning to see below the surface has been challenging. I see the connection as I read the scroll. “Always I dig for reasons to applaud.” Dig through the cement, not only myself but others. Get to know myself and others deeper, going beyond the surface. Relationships, dig deeper!! Continually break that cement!

I’m seeing the connections and linking to what I’m learning but the visualization is not there or is it? Am I to see clearly and not just think thoughts about what I’m to see? Will my mind actually see?  I’m a factual person so I thought, what if I look up the facts?  Maybe that would help me to visualize.  Once the ship example was pointed out to me in my studying, I was able to grasp the concept, but how do I look beyond without knowing facts or knowing a person? Even though I grasped the concept, I didn’t see the ship in my mind. Struggling!!

During one of my sits, trying to visualize, all I could see was an “eye”. th.jpeg I could see the “eye”very plain in my mind. Then reading in #21, “However, when man awakens to the truth and affirms his oneness with all Life, he finds that he takes on the clear eye, the elastic step, (to resume my normal shape after distortion?) the vigor of youth; (imagination?) he finds he has discovered the source of all power.” What was the “eye” representing?  So my analytical mind started searching.  Was the “eye” trying to help me see something “clear” so I would have no doubt or confusion? No doubt in myself? As I have the “power within?”  Was the eye trying to show me the “power of vision” as it is the visual or light detecting organ or God’s light within? I’m not really sure, yet, but one thing I know is my thoughts need to be trained to look below the surface so everything takes on a different appearance, the insignificant becomes significant, the uninteresting becomes interesting; the things which we suppose to be of no importance are seen to be the only really vital things in existence.

With that being said, I was drawn to the quote, “clay in the potter’s hand.”  I started thinking about clay, looking beyond just the hard soil that is in my yard! Clays are plastic due to particle size and geometry as well as water content and become hard and brittle and non-plastic upon drying or firing. Then I thought about my cousins making ceramics out of clay.  It wasn’t hard until fired! (We can rewire to fire more beautifully!) Clay can be used as a natural seal like in dams or as a barrier in landfills, against toxic seepage. Clay is used to create. It can be painted to become beautiful. The Potter is creating and the clay can seal. Seal in good thoughts? Many thoughts as I was creating my DMP to music. Linking and depth. I think my imagination was starting to surface!!  My mind went back to a song of my youth while singing in a double trio. We performed often and even for competition receiving excellent ratings.  My DMP talks about feeling young!  I also decided to record to accordion music as my accordion is part of my DMP.  Interestingly enough, when I was recording to the accordion song “Blue Moon” at one point in  the song it says, “and the moon turned to gold” just as my recording talked about my monthly income. (No words in the song, but my mind connected that gold!!) Wow, this was all coming together. Blue is my color for one of my PPN’s. Blue has always been my color. Blue is peace for me. Blue eyes. Blue skies. Blue ocean. Blue formals! Blue Moon. th-1.jpeg I now have a dream in my heart.  The “Potter” is molding me! PecorelliPower learning to see clearly and to visualize, soon I hope!! Work in progress! What does week 9 have in store?