Week 19 – Master Key – My Door?

I loved watching Finding Joe.  From the beginning of the Master Key experience, I loved the story of the Golden Buddha.  I totally relate as I have protected myself by burying feelings along my years, feeling as if my feelings did not matter.  So why, express them?  It truly is like the snake, shedding old skin so new can grow. Throughout my life I have been guided to answers for which I am grateful for each journey finding new skin. Finding Joe opened more thoughts about myself to explore! Just what exactly is my journey? My life is the fruit of my own doing.  Do I feel victimized by the environment and what has happened beyond my control? I don’t know that I feel I’m a victim but I am living with the consequences of some real financial problems from debt from a business, and medical expenses that were beyond my control.  When my husband was diagnosed with leukemia and given eight weeks to live, he was not able to accept the job he planned after he closed the business. He had never been sick nor ever had a surgery so to be told he had leukemia was such a shock!  We knew he’d beat the cancer and he did but too high dose steroids were given and he was allergic to them as well as steroid refractor.  His bowel perforated and he passed away. Many errors were made and looking back we should have held firm to what we felt and believed and not allowed ourselves to be persuaded differently. Cause and effect? So, now I am to slay the financial dragon more than any dragon’s within myself.  The comment, that opportunities are to find deeper stories in my life, has caused deeper thoughts. Is the loss of my husband my depth of despair?  Certainly was.  From this financial struggle, will my “Answer to the call” come?  How will this problem become my opportunity? Is there a deeper story? I am facing this test and challenge.  Although the direction I felt was the answer, I am now questioning and that door seems to be closing.  More faith that the opportunity will come.  More faith in my Definite Major Purpose.  More thinking thoughts to guide, seek and find.

I know I love the “Gal in the Glass” and I continually work on my integrity to her. My husband told me when I die, my mind would still be going!! Focus my thoughts. More concentration. Finding Joe said when I follow my bliss, doors will be opened. I’m waiting for those doors to be opened! Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 11.40.20 PM.pngI know that thought is constantly, eternally taking form and is forever seeking expression and if my thoughts are powerful, constructive and positive, this will be plainly evident in the state of my health, (and it is) my business (may need more) and my environment (mental diet continually.) PecorelliPower looking deeper into myself. Opening my heart to more. Opening to more abundance and earning Power! PecorelliPower knowing that it’s not what happens to us, it is what we do with it!! I will find the answers!! PecorelliPower, my journey continues!


4 thoughts on “Week 19 – Master Key – My Door?

  1. I empathize with you. I lost my wife in a similar fashion, with similar results. We will survive, we will thrive!


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